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Our Team

The team at Commercial Restaurant Service is made up of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to the success of your business.  We are experts in the field of HVAC and appliance maintenance and repair.

When you call Commercial Restaurant Service to repair or maintain what makes your restaurant operate smoothly, you can rest assured the work will be performed correctly and the advice you receive is backed by years or experience.

Meet the Owners

“We strive to provide a relationship,” says co-owner Dan Parker. “It’s not about the money, it’s the people that are important to us.”

CRS is a family owned and operated company by Dan and Kim Parker. Dan has been helping restaurants throughout the Springfield region run smoothly for more than 20 years. They have built their business on solid experience and backed that with honesty and integrity.

It’s their passion for people that drives them to do what they do every day. If you are in need of equipment repair or maintenance, call us today.

What Drives CRS

Passion for People
First and foremost, we value people and the relationships we create with them. We respect their situation and work to ensure the best outcome.

Passion for the Work
We love what we do. It’s not about the equipment, it’s about making someone’s day…and their business…run smoother, work better.

Doing the Right Thing for Over 20 Years
If we can fix it, we will. If there’a better option, we will find it. Regardless, we take pride in doing the right thing for each client. That’s where the respect for people and the passion for our work all comes together.

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Contact Commercial Restaurant Service

If you own a restaurant or manage a commercial kitchen and need repairs or maintenace on any of your equipment – including heating and air conditioning – the professionals at Commercial Restaurant Service are ready to partner with you. We service all of Southwest Missouri. Call or contact us today and let’s get you cookin’!