5 Common Commercial Restaurant Equipment Malfunctions and How to Prevent Them

industrial dish washer broken tubular electric heater component

As a restaurant owner, you need to dish out customer orders quickly and repetitively. You don’t have time for equipment breakdowns. But sometimes, it happens. When it does, you need to know how to address the issue.  Here are some of the most common issues in commercial restaurant kitchens in Springfield, Missouri, and what you […]

Energy Saving Tips for Commercial Restaurant HVAC

AC unit above commercial refrigeration system

Running a restaurant isn’t cheap. Expenses pile up. Whether it’s ingredients, staffing, utilities, or rent, one of your largest operating costs is going to be one thing: your restaurant’s commercial HVAC system. Whether you’re operating a food truck or a full-service dining establishment with indoor, outdoor, and upstairs seating, those energy bills can skyrocket in […]

Commercial Deep Fryer Maintenance Tips

What equipment is more important to a kitchen than the classic deep fryer? Making sure your commercial deep fryer is running smoothly is a fundamental part of a restaurant’s success.  In today’s post, commercial restaurant service provides you with some of the best maintenance tips for your restaurant’s commercial deep fryer.  Most Common Issues on […]

Commercial Ice Machine Maintenance Checklist

commercial ice machine maker with lid open

Your commercial ice machine is a critical part of your kitchen, and in the summer, it’s working as hard as it can to keep up. Without proper maintenance, mold, slime, grime, and other health hazards can collect within, negatively impacting not only your food product but your customers’ health.  The experts at Commercial Restaurant Service […]

7 Common Commercial Kitchen HVAC Problems in Springfield, MO.

Chef cooking food in a wok pan in smokey kitchen

Restaurant kitchens are notorious for their hot, sweltering, and uncomfortable working environments. That’s why a well-functioning AC unit makes a world of difference. The HVAC specialists at Commercial Restaurant Services are here to make that happen.   Today, we’ll cover some of the most common HVAC issues found frequently among restaurants in Springfield, Missouri, and surrounding […]

6 Signs Your Restaurant’s HVAC System Needs Repair

restaurant vent hoods as part of the hvac system

Running a restaurant doesn’t just stop at turning out consistently great-tasting food, it’s about having a nice ambiance and atmosphere for customers and employees. Your HVAC system works hard to ensure that happens, giving you clean, breathable air that gets filtered in and out of your building.  But what happens when your heating and air […]

Buyer’s Guide to Used Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Running a restaurant is a labor of love. Here at Commercial Restaurant Service we know the hours are long, the work can be hard, and the margins can be tight. That’s why buying quality used commercial equipment can be a smart, cost-saving choice for restaurant owners. By purchasing used, you can get high-quality restaurant equipment […]

How to Make Your Commercial Refrigerators Last Longer

A commercial refrigerator

Here at Commercial Restaurant Service, we know having properly operating commercial refrigerators is likely an integral part of your establishment’s success. So, it’s a good idea to keep them in great working condition with regular maintenance and cleanings. In between your regular service visits, here’s what you can do to keep them up and running […]

How Purchasing Used Restaurant Equipment Saves You Money

grills and counters in a restaurant

Commercial Restaurant Service specializes in making sure your restaurant equipment runs smoothly. We come out to you, repair your equipment, and treat you fairly and honestly. We believe maintaining your restaurant equipment is a lot like owning a car. The more you keep up with regular maintenance, the longer it lasts. In today’s blog from […]

Maintenance Tips for Your Commercial Pizza Ovens

commercial pizza oven in a restaurant

Restaurant owners and operators who want the best-tasting pizza for their customers will want to make sure their commercial pizza ovens are functioning at their best. To do so, they’ll need to be properly maintained.  Wondering where to start? Here are four simple and important tips on how to maintain your pizza ovens. 1. Clean […]