How Purchasing Used Restaurant Equipment Saves You Money

Commercial Restaurant Service specializes in making sure your restaurant equipment runs smoothly. We come out to you, repair your equipment, and treat you fairly and honestly.

We believe maintaining your restaurant equipment is a lot like owning a car. The more you keep up with regular maintenance, the longer it lasts. In today’s blog from Commercial Restaurant Service, we talk about how purchasing used restaurant equipment saves you money.  

Lowers Your Initial Investment

You have a lot of trepidation when it comes to starting a new business, opening another location, or adding a new food line to your menu. You can lower your initial investment by purchasing used restaurant equipment. Typical costs for used pizza ovens may be 40 to 50% lower than similar equipment in new condition. Your actual results may vary, depending on what type of equipment you need to purchase.  


Even used equipment can come with a warranty. At Commercial Restaurants Service, we warranty our used restaurant equipment for 45 days from the date we install it. 

Increase in Costs for New Equipment

A new commercial refrigerator will run you $3,500. Just a few years ago, the same unit may have cost $2,500. Increased costs in new equipment can make your upfront investment skyrocket quickly as manufacturers come out with new commercial equipment with more advanced features. 

Even if it’s just two or three years old, buying used restaurant equipment can save you thousands compared to new. Talk to us about what we can do for you.

Commercial Restaurant Service Is Here for You

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