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Equipment Repair

When one piece of equipment goes down in your commercial kitchen, we know it can throw the entire service off. This not only disrupts the flow in your kitchen, but also your front-of-house staff. Not being able to deliver every item on your menu can lead to customer frustrations as well.

At Commercial Restaurant Service, we understand. With more than 20 years of experience, we have encountered just about every issue imaginable. We understand that repair delays can mean lost productivity and revenue.

We specialize in cold and hot equipment repair and almost everything in between:

Large Equipment

Electric & Gas Equipment

Small Equipment

Large Kitchen Equipment

We have been repairing large commercial kitchen equipment for more than two decades. Large equipment like pizza ovens may be the heartbeat of your operation. If that pizza crust doesn’t come out a crispy golden hue, your customers will notice.

Additionally, food has to be kept at specific temperatures to prevent spoilage or contamination. If the walk-in-cooler or refrigeration isn’t working properly, this can cost you in product, not to mention time. We can work with your schedule and budget to keep your operation running smoothly.

Contact us today to discuss repairs and maintenance on any large pieces of equipment you have in your operation. 

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Gas & Electric Equipment

It’s no secret most chefs prefer to cook with gas. If you’re moving into a new space not fitted for gas, the professionals at Commercial Restaurant Service can convert electric to gas for you.

If your gas stove or other equipment needs maintenance or repair, contact us today. We have been installing and repairing commercial gas equipment in restaurants and kitchens throughout the Greater Springfield area for more than two decades.

You may have a mix of gas and electric equipment in your kitchen. While your range or convection oven may be gas, your mixers, slicers, and fryers are electric. Our experts at Commercial Restaurant Service can provide repair and maintenance work on both.

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Small Equipment

Your smaller pieces of equipment like slicers, warmers, and mixers are just as crucial to your operation as the large pieces. When one breaks, it disrupts the entire kitchen. At Commercial Restaurant Service, we are experts in maintaining and repairing small kitchen equipment.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

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If you own a restaurant or manage a commercial kitchen and need repairs or maintenace on any of your equipment – including heating and air conditioning – the professionals at Commercial Restaurant Service are ready to partner with you. We service all of Southwest Missouri. Call or contact us today and let’s get you cookin’!