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large commercial kitchen with hoods, prep area, slicer, fryer, mixer and pizza oven

Equipment Installation

Prep tables, slicers, ovens or refrigeration – whatever piece of equipment you need for your commercial kitchen, we can professionally install it, leaving you with the peace of mind that the job was done right.

We can install most pieces of equipment in your kitchen – both on the hot and cold side. We also install commercial and residental HVAC units, too.

Are you looking to purchase a good, used piece of equipment and have it installed? Look no further than Commercial Restaurant Service. We have used and rebuilt food service equipment that comes with a warranty.

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Refrigeration Installation

Electric & Gas Equipment Installation

Hot Side Installation

Refrigeration Installation

Correctly installing the refrigeration side of your kitchen is crucial – incorrect installation can mean failing temperatures, resulting in lost product and the potential for contamination.

The experts at Commercial Restaurant Service have been installing and repairing large kitchen equipment like walk-in coolers, freezers and ice machines for more than 20 years. They have become adept at not only the installation process, but identifying and troubleshooting any issues along the way.

If you need any piece of equipment installed, you can take comfort knowing the professionals at CRS will install it right the first time. Contact us to learn more.

Commercial walk in cooler and storage

Gas & Electric Equipment Installation

It’s no secret most chefs prefer to cook with gas. If you’re moving into a new space not fitted for gas, the professionals at Commercial Restaurant Service can convert electric to gas for you.

If your existing gas stove or other equipment needs maintenance or repair, contact us today. We have been installing and repairing commercial gas equipment in restaurants and kitchens throughout the Greater Springfield area for more than two decades.

You may have a mix of gas and electric equipment in your kitchen. While your oven may be gas, your mixers, slicers, and fryers are electric. The experts at Commercial Restaurant Service can provide repair and maintenance work on both.

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commercial oven and convection oven

Hot Side Installation

There’s the grill station, pizza oven, sauté station, bank fryers, and of course, the line. In every one of these areas, there’s either electric or gas equipment being used several hours a day – taking the abuse we give it to get through a rush.

We are experts in installing every piece of equipment on the hot side of your operation – from fryers, to ovens, grills, exhaust hood fans and more. If you need a piece of equipment installed, contact us today. If you’re looking for a piece of affordable, high-quality refurbished equipment, contact us to view our inventory.

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If you own a restaurant or manage a commercial kitchen and need repairs or maintenace on any of your equipment – including heating and air conditioning – the professionals at Commercial Restaurant Service are ready to partner with you. We service all of Southwest Missouri. Call or contact us today and let’s get you cookin’!